Vote for Journeyman!

(with thanks to the Save Journeyman blog): is conducting a poll on their SciFi Wire page asking which show you want to see returned to the air now that the WGA strike is over.

Head over now and vote for Journeyman. This is a great opportunity to show support for the cruelly cancelled show, since NBC and SciFi are owned by the same parent company.

The last episode screened on Sky in the UK yesterday with the announcer promising a new season as the credits rolled. Does he know something none of us do?

Postscript, August 2008 (with thanks to Ian Cullen): Journeyman was not saved as we all now know, but in August 2008 AintItCool News published an interview with the series creator Kevin Falls about what would have happened on the show if it had continued: read the interview here

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