WebFind: The Dark Judges by Garry Leach

Perhaps best known for his work on early Marvelman (aka Miracleman) strips for Warrior, Atomeka Press co-founder Garry Leach is often an unsung master of the comic art, and it’s a shame there isn’t more of his incredible work available to see by his many fans.

So finding these illustrations online of 2000AD’s Dark Judges – the scourge of Judge Dredd’s Mega-City One from another dimension – was a bit of a treat!

These artworks are commissioned recreations based on the Starscans he originally drew published in 2000AD Progs 555 – 558 – without the added text.

After fellow artist Steve Pugh told us Garry painted them in 2006, as he stitched the scans for him, we discovered they were commissioned by 2000AD fan Mark Willis.

While best known for his work co-creating the new Marvelman with writer Alan Moore, as an artist Garry was a frequent contributor to 2000AD working on “Dan Dare”, “Judge Dredd”, “The V.C.S” and “Tharg’s Future Shocks”.

At DC Comics, Garry worked on The Legion of Superheroes, Hit Man, Monarchy and The Global Frequency. He’s also been cover artist for DC Comics, 2000AD, Virgin Comics and Dynamic Forces.

Zuiker Press released two books illustrated by Garry working with Nam Kim last year, Click and Mend, part of a project tackling issues such as cyber bullying and divorce, written by teenagers – a project developed with Dave Elliott, who is Garry’s partner at Atomeka Press, launched back in 1986 with the help and support of Mike Lake and Titan Distributors, publishers of the brilliant but short-lived anthology A1.

With thanks to Steve Pugh and Wullie Russell – and Mark Willis for commissioning the work, and Garry Leach for drawing them!

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