When Kickstarters Combine: “Hollow Monsters” and “Edge Off” creators offer backers great bonus Rewards deal

Creator Monty Nero has teamed up with the team behind The Edge Off, a disturbing psychotropic noir comic, to offer an incredible final two day reward for both projects seeking crowdfunding. Simply back both The Edge Off and Hollow Monsters: Who Is The Hollow Man? at any print level and you’ll also receive a creepy/ funny three-page horror comic PDF by Monty Nero and three exclusive The Edge Off badges featuring art by Frank Quitely and Iain Laurie.

The Edge Off - Bonus Badges

“I know! That’s some sweet Quitely and Laurie artwork,” Monty Nero enthuses. “We may well have lost our minds. It’s never going to be repeated and the offer ends at 5.00pm this Friday, when the Hollow Monsters campaign ends.”

We’ve already pushed Hollow Monsters here on downthetubes, and had a chat with creator Monty Nero about his 1980’s set semi-autobiographical comic back during the campaign for the first issue, but we’ve yet to mention The Edge Off, a disturbing psychotropic noir – so let’s put that right now.

The Edge Off is a new 28 page one-shot comic book coming from Cabal Comics, written by Fraser Campbell (Alex Automatic, Sleeping Dogs) with art from Iain Laurie (And Then Emily was Gone), colour art by David B. Cooper and lettering by Colin Bell.

Mob enforcer Lee Butler was always the old man’s favourite, but now the old man is gone and Eddie, the son who always felt usurped by Lee, is calling the shots. When Lee wakes up to find himself spiked with a new designer psychotropic and his daughter kidnapped, he figures Eddie has worked out Lee’s been moonlighting for one of his rivals. Desperate to get his daughter back, Lee sets off into a swirling nightmare of danger and double cross, his perceptions fried, unable to tell which monsters are real and which are imagined. As the night unfolds, Lee finds himself compelled to run a violent gantlet towards a confrontation that will force him to face up to every terrible decision he’s ever made.

Think Taken meets David Lynch by way of Performance – with some great writing by Fraser and incredibly evocative art from Iain – and if that piques your interest, check out the link below for more information.

Hollow Monsters #1 art by Monty NeroThe Kickstarter had a target of £1,400 which will be used to cover printing costs, and they’ve already smashed that, as has the latest Hollow Monsters. It features exclusively priced treats like original pages from the comic, commission slots from artist Iain Laurie and a variant cover by none other than Frank Quitely (All Star Superman, Batman, X-Men, The Invisibles, We3, The Multiversity). The team are also lucky to have another variant by fantastic artist Garry Brown (The Massive, Batman, Black Road, Crude), plus some fun ideas for stretch goals.

A teaser of Monty Nero's offered horror comic bonus for backing both Hollow Monsters and The Edge Off

A teaser of Monty Nero’s offered horror comic bonus for backing both Hollow Monsters and The Edge Off

To get these rewards, all you need to do is make sure you’re backing Hollow Monsters at the £6 level or higher. Then back any print level at The Edge Off Campaign. The teams behind both projects will do the rest.

Oh, and if you’ve already backed both comics at the print level or higher, you’re sorted. You’ll get both bonus items as a bonus for your good taste and generosity, your The Edge Off badges in the post with your Hollow Monsters comic, and the mini-horror comic will be sent next month (June).

Sounds like a good deal to us!

Find the latest Hollow Monsters Kickstarter here

Find The Edge Off Kickstarter here

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