Will Overton’s ” Smart Bomb” Hits the Web, Print Edition in the Pipeline

SmartBomb Level1-2 - Cover

Smart Bomb!! is a new 48-page, all-ages colour comic masterminded by Will Overton, which fellow Tuber Tony Esmond had sight of in print form at last weekend’s Leamington Comic Con. Set in an alternative gamingverse, one where TV games you’ve never heard of (yet, somehow, find oh-so familiar) are the norm, Smart Bomb!! is a mix of comics and video games magazines in the grand tradition of UK weekly anthology comics of times gone by.

The comic includes contributions by Phillip M JacksonDamien Sparkes, Eddie SharamNeil Roberts, Jamie Woodhead and of course Wil Overton (in a homemade cosmic cat costume).

Tony plans to review the comic at some point so I don’t want to steal his thunder, but I thought I’d give it a quick plug and thumbs up of this latest edition of Will’s project (he’s published another version in the past, hence the convoluted numbering on this one), because it’s obvious from the standard of art and story featured that this is one project you should keep an eye on, as you can see below.

SmartBomb Level1-2 - Charge of the Life Brigade

“Charge of the Life Brigade” by Will overton

Will is an illustrator and designer with over 20 years of experience working in advertising, newsstand magazines and video game development, a veteran of ’90s video games mags and ex-Rare concept artist. He’s used to providing everything from concept sketches to finished illustrations, from monsters to logos and pixels to vectors, and has really delivered on this tribute to traditional British comics anthologies, while giving the whole project a really modern and lively edge. Fantastic stuff.

SmartBomb Level1-2 - Jefferson Six

“Jefferson Six” by Neil Roberts

“I’ve been a comic fan for as long as I can remember,” Will told Pipedream Comics recently. “I grew up with UK anthology weeklies, whether they were funnies like Whizzer and Chips or action titles like, er… Action, Starlord, Warlord or 2000AD. I’ll even lump Marvel in with that as their UK titles were basically the same format. I definitely had a Mighty World of Marvel childhood so I guess it was obvious that I’d want to emulate the same kind of comic if I did one myself.

SmartBomb Level1-2 - Air is Death

“The Air is Death” by Phillip M Jackson


SmartBomb Level1-2 - Prison Planet

“Prison Planet” written by Eddie Sharam and Jamie Woodhead, with art by Eddie Sharam

“… Having worked on games magazines in the ‘90s, that period (Super Nintendo, Mega-Drive, N64 and the first PlayStation) is still very special to me but I was also a massive fan during the ‘80s micro era so I guess the mag is a mix of all those,” he says of the title’s format. “I wanted the comic to be very colourful and eclectic in its design so I guess it was obvious that it was going to take cues from the those classic mags of the age.

Smart Bomb!! will be digital and a physical comic. The reason it was digital first was just because I was a bit impatient once I’d finished it and also because I thought I could offset some of the print run costs with digital sales. Gumroad seemed like a good choice for digital because it’s relatively cheap, people can get an immediate download (in as many file formats as you care to upload) and it has good analytics.

“I have submitted it to ComiXology but I’m not sure they’ll be that interested. If anyone else has any good alternatives to suggest I’m all ears. Comicsy is a great site and lets me show page previews (which I can’t seem to do on Gumroad) and eventually the physical comic will be available there.”

• Digital copies of Smart Bomb!! Lv.1-2 are avaialable on Comicsy and Will tells us physical copies will be available shortly.

Read the Pipeream Comics interview with Will in full here

• You can find Will at https://wiloverton.carbonmade.com/ or on Twitter @Kosmikat

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