Wrong Door Day

It’s Wrong Door day — the launch of BBC3‘s new comedy show written by Ben Wheatley whose credits also include work for web, TV such as Time Trumpet and advrtising such as Pot Noodle Crumlin and more.

Anyone who likes comics will, we think, enjoy the show which debuts on BBC3 at 10.30pm tonight.

The Wrong Door Official web site
Watch The Wrong Door on the BBC3 web site
• Read an interview with Mr Wheatley here on b3ta

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2 replies

  1. Wrong door? Wrong writing, wrong everything, except maybe phil the dino

  2. Well. I have to say I’m rather with anonymouse, although I tend to give comedy shows a couple of episodes before forming an opinion. If we’re going to see a build of regular characters this might just work, but I don’t think urinating dinosaurs and swearing giant robots are going to provide long-running sources of humour. The mad army experiments definitely show promise, and the rifts on stupid technology (the dancing girl sketch) also show some promise.