Andersonic Hits Six with new Gerry Anderson Interview

The sixth ‘episode’ of Richard Farell and Vincent Law’s Gerry Anderson fanzine Andersonic is now on sale via the Andersonic web site

Another 40 page issue, it features a new interview with Gerry Anderson who discusses, amongst other things, UFO, the fate of New Captain Scarlet, Lancaster bombers, lemmings and, of course, Thunderbirds. Other features include:-

• The Art of Ron Embleton – the work of TV Century 21‘s Captain Scarlet and Stingray artist.
• Lord Parker’s ‘Oliday – Bingo! A classic episode reviewed.
• Alpha Incident Log – Strange goings on with glowing rocks and Irish Cowboys…
• Faith in Science – The contributions of Barry Morse and Johnny Byrne to Space:1999.
• Identified Retrospective – Seven different writers share their thoughts on UFO‘s opener.
• SHADO Test Paper – Ed and Alec’s Fun Page.
• Writing the Tracys – exploring Thunderbirds‘ popularity with writers.
• Winged Assassins – what makes Captain Scarlet the odd one out?
• Mission of the Darians – Mutant! Classic Space:1999 episode reviewed.
• The Fall of Troy – Stingray‘s Forbidden Shakespearian roots.
• Watching the Watchers – the arrival of the 21st Century in our living rooms.
• Trap for a Rhino – New Captain Scarlet episode appraised.

• The new issue is available via the website, price £1.95 including UK postage and also from eBay.

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  1. Great mag ! Loved the comments about the UFO opener, Identified. High quality articles with classy art work from Mr Farrell. Recommended reading for Anderson fans

    Capt Scarlett