10thology project to debut at Cardiff comic expo

The Cardiff International Comic Expo takes place at the end of this month – and with it, the launch of 10thology, an exciting looking comics project featuring a host of top Welsh comic creators, including Mike Collins, Si Wyatt and Dylan Teague.

10thology features 10 stories, each 10 pages in length, written and illustrated by some of Wales’ brightest and best creative talents. From comic industry legends such as Mike Collins, to Indie/Small Press creative studio Monkeys with Machineguns, and newcomers to the world of comics from the fields of film and animation, these creators have come to together to create a unique set of stories all linked with a distinctly Welsh theme and flavour.

Welsh artist Stu.Art (Stuart Tipples) is the man behind the project and explains the idea behind the book.

“I would go to regular social meetings with the writers  and artists that feature in the book to get together, catch up, and see what everyone was working on or meet up at the various comic conventions (usually taking place on the other side of the bridge).

“It occurred to me that there was such a wealth of Welsh talent from creators living and working in Wales at these events that we could create a very original and unique book.”

The Knights of Craig Y Ddinas:
Words Stu.Art Art Mike Collins
Colours Kris Carter

The line up, is impressive and is as follows:

  • The Knights of Craig Y Ddinas written by Stu.Art with art from Mike Collins and colour by Kris Carter
  • Dai Hard by Rich McAuliffe with art by Jenny Clemments
  • Devoloution by Chris Lynch with art by Patrick Goddard, Dan Harris, Mark Smith, Craig Lewis & Stu.Art
  • The Valley of the Gwadni by Si Wyatt
  • Humour Rights by Steve Morris
  • The Hidden Flame by Dave Clifford & Jamie Lambert
  • Project Phoenix by Terry Cooper
  • Mallt Y Nos by Chris Lynch with art by Stu.Art
  • The Edge of World by Jon Rennie, art by Dave Young & Lucy Artis
  • The Valley of the Gwadni by Si Wyatt
  • Red Cave by Pete Rogers, art by Stu.Art
  • Plus an exclusive pin-up by Dylan Teague
Dylan Teague’s stunning pin up
for 10thology

•  10thology will be released at the Cardiff International Comic Expo on Saturday 26th February 2011. Tickets are available for pre-booking online at http://www.fantasyevents.org/cice – but they’ve almost sold out, so hurry along now! 

• All advanced ticket holders to CICE will receive a promotional 10thology postcard that gives them £2.99 off the RRP of £14.99 and entry into a competition to win original 10thology art. 10thology goes on general release summer 2011.

• Web: www.10thology.co.uk or Email: infoAT10thology.co.uk
Story thanks to this report on Geek Syndicate

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