2000AD announces Apex Edition to showcase stunning “Sláine” art of Mick McMahon

Rebellion has announced that The 2000AD Art of Mick McMahon Apex Edition is to be published in November 2023.

The 2000AD Art of Mick McMahon - Apex Slipcase Edition
The 2000AD Art of Mick McMahon – Apex Slipcase Edition

This unmissable book presents high-resolution scans of stunning original art pages by artist Mick McMahon – at their actual size – in a deluxe, over-sized hardcover facsimile edition.

As well as his brush and pen work, these pages include original titles, word balloons, printer’s marks and other ephemera, giving fans the chance to see art by one of 2000AD’s biggest talents in all its glory.

A master artist, Mick McMahon is one of the most influential artists in British comics – and this volume features eagerly-anticipated pages from his groundbreaking 1980s work on 2000AD’s legendary barbarian, Sláine, created by Pat Mills, initially drawn by his then wife, Angela Kincaid. Most of the early stories were drawn by Massimo Belardinelli and McMahon.

McMahon’s work on Sláine – including “Warrior’s Dawn”, “Heroes Blood”, and the incredible “Sky Chariot” – contrasts with the chunky shadows and bold shapes of his art on Judge Dredd”, using inks and markers to create a style akin to woodcuts. From the gritty savagery and character work of “Warrior’s Dawn” to crafting long ships in “Sky Chariots” that appear to float effortlessly in the air, McMahon imbued Pat Mills’ saga of fantasy and legend with a quality that is both epic and dynamic.

The 2000AD Art of Mick McMahon - Apex Edition - Slaine
The 2000AD Art of Mick McMahon - Apex Edition - Slaine

This volume also includes pages by McMahon from Pat Mills’ classic robotic-team series “Ro-Busters” and its successor “A.B.C. Warriors”, as well as the complete first episode and original concept art for Gerry Finley-Day’s fan favourite space war series, “The VCs.”.

The 2000AD Art of Mick McMahon - Apex Edition - ABC Warriors
The 2000AD Art of Mick McMahon - Apex Edition - The VCs
The 2000AD Art of Mick McMahon - Apex Edition - The VCs

Mick McMahon is perhaps best known for his seminal work on “Judge Dredd” and this Apex Edition also explores his colour work for the 2000AD and Judge Dredd annuals, such as “The Fear That Made Milwaukee Famous”, presented in its entirety, and “Mega-City Rumble”, with bold markers and bright shades competing to create pages bursting with light and energy.

It also features pages from Mills’ Judge Dredd story, “The Return of Rico”, in which Dredd’s evil twin brother is revealed. The story inspired the 1995 Judge Dredd movie starring Sylvester Stallone as well as providing the storytelling spark that would lead to some of Judge Dredd’s biggest stories.

The 2000AD Art of Mick McMahon - Apex Edition - Judge Dredd

This stunning collection closes with one of his most important works outside of the pages of 2000AD. Created for Marvel’s Epic imprint, The Last American is a profound meditation on loss and hope at the end of the world.

Written by John Wagner and Alan Grant just as their legendary writing partnership was drawing to a close, McMahon’s pages sing with colour and clarity, his post-apocalyptic landscapes filled with despair and emptiness as its lead character, Ulysses S. Pilgrim, searches for what remains of humanity.

Following last year’s Judge Dredd by Mick McMahon Apex Edition, this second Apex Edition showcases McMahon’s near-constant state of evolution and change, from his early roots in mimicking the great Carlos Ezquerra on “Judge Dredd” to the bold, impressionistic style of his later years. It charts his career in unprecedented detail and gives fans and admirers the chance to see just why McMahon became one of the greatest 2000AD artists of all time and influenced generations of comic book artists.

The 2000AD Art of Mick McMahon - Apex Standard Edition
The 2000AD Art of Mick McMahon – Apex Edition Volume 2

The standard edition of The 2000AD Art of Mick McMahon Apex Edition is available to pre-order now from the 2000AD webshop and will also be available for comic book stores to order through Diamond Distribution’s Previews magazine this summer.

The limited edition slipcase is available to order only through the 2000AD webshop.

The 2000AD Art of Mick McMahon – Apex Slipcase Edition

In addition to the standard retail edition, fans can order a special slipcase edition exclusively through the 2000AD webshop that comes in an attractive slipcase, adorned with one of McMahon’s epic wraparound Sláine covers.

This edition also comes with an extra bound page – individually numbered and signed by McMahon – with brand new art created exclusively for this edition.

• 2000AD webshop pre-orders for both the slipcase and standard editions will close at 8pm BST on 31st July 2023. The standard edition will also be available to pre-order from comic book stores through the August edition of Diamond Distribution’s Previewsmagazine.

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