Glasgow comic talent cameo in All Star Superman

(With thanks to Adam Thewlis and the team at the Italian ‘All Star’ blog): Here’s a fun item for the weekend. There’s a long tradition of artists featuring friends in comic strips as an in joke: Bryan Talbot, for example, regularly featured his friends from the Preston SF Club in The Adventures of Luther Arkwright and I know I made a one frame appearance in Death’s Head II, drawn by Liam Sharp, as an AIM lab tech.

Here’s a recent find, from DC Comics All Star Superman Issue 10 where, thanks to artist Frank Quitely, nestling on Page 14 are a group of Scottish comics talents. (For once, Grant Morrison hasn’t written himself into a comic as he did most famously with Animal Man #25).

Gazing up at a mashed up Forth Bridge are, we’re told, members or people connected with Frank’s Glasgow Studio, some of them instrumental in the Bad Press publishing house that produces adult comic Wasted. From left to right in the panel above we have 1) Mal Young and his son, Angus; 2) David Boyd; 3) artist Dom Regan and his son Vincent; 4) Rob Miller (one of the contributors to the now-defunct comic zine Khaki Shorts); and
5) Jamie Grant.

Also in the frame, but not pictured above, are David Peter Kerr and Paul McCann.

Anyone else know of similar panels in recent British comics? (Alan Davis fun inclusions of Dan Dare and other heroes in his strips doesn’t count!).

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  1. I appear in the UK Spider-Man annual 2004 in a reprint of a strip drawn by Mark Buckingham. At the end of the story Peter Parker does an appearance at a stand up show and I’m the MC. On the wall you can read the sign for my game show “Kev F presents Win Some Beer”. I’d send you a scan but I’m out and about at the moment.

    – Kev F

  2. I believe Simon Williams himself appeared in his recent Death’s Head strip for Marvel Heroes.
    For my own part, my old Rubbernorc strip was inspired by real people, so featured a few interpretations, some looser than others.

  3. I popped a similar sort of cameo into my Grampire strip for The Dandy, recently:

    The red-headed fellah in the stripy top is my chum Stu Munro, currently drawing Justin Beaver for the comic, and the other two are my housemates!

    The other fellah is some sort of geriatric vampire.

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