Paul Cornell’s new creator-owned comics project “This Dammed Band” announced

This Damned Band #1 - Cover


Eagle Award–winning, New York Times number-one best-selling author Paul Cornell (Doctor WhoWolverine, Action Comics), artist Tony Parker (Mass Effect: Foundation) and colourist Lovern Kindzierski are working together on a creator-owned comic series to be published by US publisher Dark HorseThis Damned Band, a darkly hilarious adventure of black magic and classic rock!

Launching in August, the series opens in 1974, when Motherfather, the world’s most famous rock band thought they were “worshiping Satan,” only to find out they were actually…worshiping Satan.

Described as a “Spinal Tap meets Ghostbusters” miniseries the comics will present a documentary-style thrill ride combining the dark arts and legendary musicians. This is The Exorcist…turned up to eleven!

This Damned Band is a somewhat cruel comedy/horror six-issue miniseries,” says Paul, “definitely not for children, told as if we’re seeing a documentary movie that’s been pieced together by a film crew.  So there are interviews to camera, sections where ‘filmed footage’ is replaced with ‘artist’s depiction’ to render the subjective experiences of drug use, questions from out of frame.

“One of my favourite shows is Parks and Recreation. I love that specific use of the documentary mode, where one can get reactions to camera and see intimately the gap between what people say and what they mean.  So, obviously, when writing a dark comedy about how mainstream the occult was in the 1970s, P&R was a major influence.

“Tony’s wry, expressive character work, sense of comic timing and ability to change styles contribute hugely to the effect.  Lovern’s been colouring in several different modes, all excellent, and the overall effort is dazzling.”

• This Damned Band #1 is on sale 5th August in comic shops everywhere.  US fans eager to hear more about the series can catch Paul Cornell and Tony Parker at the Phoenix Comicon, 28th – 31st May 2015, at Dark Horse Comics’ signings and panels

Here’s Tony’s cover to #1.

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