Taschen reveals the filthiest fruit of Robert Crumb’s fertile imagination!

Robert Crumb's Sex Obsessions


From the very beginning, even before the sexual revolution made Robert Crumb the world’s most celebrated underground cartoonist, he felt compelled to commit his sexual fantasies to paper. Once upon a time, he’d destroy them, fearful of others discovering his quirky tastes. Then he found that baring his soul provided a sort of therapy, and since has memorialized every desire.

Crumb’s personal selection of these works first appeared in 2007 in a gorgeous, but pricey, TASCHEN Collector’s Edition, complete with slipcase, lithographic print, and many strips hand colored by Crumb himself. Now, the company has released a compact edition of Robert Crumb’s Sex Obsessionsoffering the same high quality obsession at a bargain price.

This compendium includes the strips “My Troubles With Women”, “If I Were a King”, “A Bitchin’ Bod” and “How To Have Fun With a Strong Girl”, as well as 60 single page drawings.

With recurring motifs including big strong girls, artistic wimps triumphantly subduing said girls, cavewomen, Yetis, vulture demonesses, bitter little guys, Crumb fans will surely be pleased about this release.

• Robert Crumb’s Sex Obsessions is on sale now from all good book shops

By Robert Crumb, Dian Hanson
Hardcover, 256 pages
€ 19,99 / £ 17.99
Edition: English

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