Panelalia anthology expands digital release in aid of Refugee Action, new contributors sought

Panelalia 01 - CoverComics creator and artist Dave Crane doesn’t consider himself a political cartoonist, but he’s increasingly concerned about the refugee crisis, and the scapegoating of immigrants in the UK and elsewhere.

Now, with friends in the comics community, he’s put together Panelalia, a digital collection of some of their best material, which is free to download on the Electricomics platform for iPad or straight PDF download, in aid of the charity Refugee Action.

The eclectic anthology features some great work and is well worth your time, I think. The creators are by Zara Slattery, CF Sherratt, Nick Prolix, Emmet o’ Cuana & Dan Gilmore, Myfanway Nixon, Gareth A Hopkins, Michael Hill, Allan Haverholm, Kaśka Gazdówna, Dave Crane, Mike Cooper, Peter Cline and Rebecca Bagley.

“The anthology covers a range of topics,” says Dave. “It isn’t themed around the refugee crisis.”

If you enjoy the work once you’ve downloaded and read it, then please consider donating to the people who really need it.

Panelalia 01 - Cold Atlas by Mike Cooper

Panelalia 01 - On the Way by Rebecca Bagley

Panelalia 01 -  Art by Kaska Gazdowna
Panelalia 01 – Art by Kaska Gazdowna

Panelalia 01 -  Urban Landscapes by Dave Crane

With Panelalia 01 out in the world, Dave is looking to follow up with a second issue, highlighting interesting, innovative comics work by independent artists and writers.

“Issue 2 will probably be out around Christmas time,” he says, “although I’m more concerned with getting a diverse collection of quality work than I am in sticking to a hard deadline at this point. We accept existing and published work, and excerpts from longer pieces.”

As with Issue 1, Dave will be distributing for free electronically, with a charitable donation option.

You can support Dave’s project here on JustGiving | Find out more about the project at

• Panelalia #1 is free to download (PDF, 87MB approx). If you like it, then please donate to the nominated charity for issue 1 here

• If you’re a comic creator who’s interested in having work in future issues, then contact Dave here, or email editor at panelalia dot co dot uk


John Freeman

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