New Thunder Super Soap Division breaks into our quantum reality

Thunder Brother Soap Division #3

The third issue of Paul Rainey’s Thunder Brother: Soap Division is now available to order from his online shop. Like both of the previous two, copies of which are still available to buy, it features a complete Thunder Brother: Soap Division story which, on this occasion, is called “The Two Ronnies”. But this edition also features rare and previously unseen comic strip extras, including the Jeremy Kyle Show/Doctor Who mash-up strip, Doctor Kyle.

In Ghost.Zombie! one character’s a ghost, one’s a zombie – and together they are Ghost.Zombie. Plus, In full colour for the first time, West: Badwater Lake, written by the mighty Andrew Cheverton on loan from Angry Candy.

Richard Bruton had this to say about the brand new issue on the Forbidden Planet Blog: “Rainey’s doing that brilliant thing he does so easily it seems; taking a simple enough sci-fi idea and really, really thinking it through, getting into all those troublesome details that it’s all too easy to ignore in favour of shifting that plot forwards. Rainey takes another view, that there’s a story within those troublesome details. Of course, it does help that Rainey’s storytelling and art match up to his clever ideas all the way.”

Each issue of Thunder Brother: Soap Division is 24 pages long, is full colour throughout and costs only £3. (Price includes free P&P to the UK)

Thunder Brother: Soap Division started appearing during September 2011 and a new page of this science fiction/superhero adventure now appears every Sunday. As well as the print collections, you can also the story so far online via the links below. To do this, click on the following links in order, and read each story starting with the page that loads at the bottom. Note that you need to read each story from the bottom page upwards.

The Apprentice

Going Straight

The Two Ronnies

Big Break

Mind Your Language

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  • November 19, 2012 at 5:51 pm

    I’ve heard some buzz about Thunder Brother and have wanted to check out what it was all about. Thanks for the links. I’ll go see what they’ve been talking about.

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