A tête-à-tête with Aaron Jasinski

Sci-Fi Art Now illustrator Aaron Jasinski lets us know the pieces from his newest solo exhibit, “tête-à-tête”, are viewable at Screaming Sky Gallery in Portland, Oregon if you happen to be in the area.

“Using humour and pop-cultural references, this series of paintings explores ways that how people interact with each other one on one,” he says. “I would be mighty grateful if folk would check out the work.”

Aaron, who grew up in a suburb outside of Seattle, is a multi-discipline creative artist who graduated with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Illustration/Design from Brigham Young University.

Currently, he works as a user interface designer, painter, and produces music in his spare time, which influences his work, as does his love of travel and urban themes.

“I’m interested in painting pictures that relate to the human situation,” he says. “I believe art is only truly worthwhile when it connects with the viewer’s soul.

His work has displayed internationally, from Los Angeles to Anchorage, Arizona to Rome, Italy. Venues include La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Gallery 1988, Dorothy Circus Gallery, Society of Illustrators, Cannibal Flower, and Communication Art Magazine.

“This show studies the ways people connect on an intimate, one on one level,” he explains. “Various reasons that bring people “face to face” are the subject matter for each piece in the show. I explore these themes using pop cultural references, juxtaposition, and humor; yet what the audience brings to a piece is half of what makes it a success or failure so I hope there is enough open-endedness in my work for there to be more than one way to look at it.”

• Exhibition Info at: www.screamingskygallery.com

View the artwork

• Aaron’s Blog: http://jasinskiart.blogspot.com

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