Aces Weekly: Now We Are Ten

Aces Weekly Volume 10


David Lloyd’s ambitious, award winning digital comics project, Aces Weekly, is now running its tenth volume – a milestone the team are extremely grateful to readers to have reached and an achievement that coincides with another important marker, the impending appearance on the digital store site, Comixology.

David tells us back volumes of Aces Weekly will be offered for sale every month, starting with Volume One, for all those yet to discover the joys of Aces Weekly and those who value the extra elements to the reading experience that Comixology offers.

Amongst the treats on offer in Volume 10, there’s the bizarre Dark Utopia by Mark Montague; Dungeons & Burglars by Rodolfo Santullo with art by Jok, translated by Magnus; Parassassin by Jasper Bark, Alfa Robbi, Yel Zamor and Bolt 01; Slash Moron by Jim Hansen, John Burns and Bambos Georgiou: and Batton Lash’s The First Gentleman of the Apocalypse, returning for another seven-weeks of episodes.

The Aces Weekly team are celebrating  this latest milestone with their first in-store signing at Orbital Comics, Great Newport Street, London on Wednesday 7th May from 5.00 – 7.00pm. On hand will be publisher and artist David Lloyd, Dave Hine, the writer of Cowboys and Insects in Aces Weekly and much other wondrous material; Chris Geary, the creator of the excellent short event bio on Bleriot ; Steve Marchant (Stupidface himself); Mark Montague, the man behind the darkly weird, satirical, and beautifully painted, Dark Utopia ; and more.

In addition to the Facebook page that the team always encourage folks to reach them through, there’s now an Aces Weekly blog at

“Though it was initiated some time ago, effectively it has just begun operating, and it’s yours to use if you’d like to use it,” says David. “It will run news and allied info on Aces Weekly plus other comics stuff, under the guiding hand of The Phat Fury.”

Curious? There’s only one way to find out…

• If you become a subscriber to Aces Weekly you can catch up with all the previous installments of those extraordinary adventures through the Aces Weekly Back Volumes. Web site:

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