Afterlife Released

After a year of long evenings after work, indie British comic creator Michael Crouch has finally produced Afterlife, a one-off science fiction tale.

Afterlife is the story of a group of people on the distant Earth colony world of Nightfall. During a routine mining operation they discover a large stone cross buried underground with a hole in each extremity. A satellite in orbit, their only connection to home, is experiencing unexplained communications black-outs. On top of that is the discovery that this barren world was once home to a race of warriors, long since dead. Or so it seemed.

Pooling their knowledge and skills together, the colonists piece the events together eventually leading them to take a giant leap of faith. Only then can events resolve themselves and the colonists learn that there may be more worlds than the purely planetary.

“I’ve printed this up as a 32 page comic containing the full 28 page strip in black and white with a colour cover,” Michael tells downthetubes. “I had it printed by Warpton Creative, who have done a very nice job of it. It is released under my publishing name, Storm Comics ( and is available from the web site now for £2.25. I am currently working on a historical story which I aim to publish as my second release later in the year.”

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Categories: British Comics, Science Fiction