Tube Surfing : 7 June 2008

Gerry Anderson fanzine Andersonic, which is currently on issue 5, now has a related website. The site details the current and back issues and will eventually have a shop to allow the issues to be purchased direct.

Issue 6 of Andersonic is due to be released towards the end of the summer.

The Prestonpandemonium 3 comic mart, held in Prestonpans near Edinburgh at the end of May, proved to be a popular part of the Three Harbours Arts Festival. A silent auction was held in aid of the DEC Burma Cyclone Appeal which raised an impressive £176. Paul Scott reviewed the event on his Omnivistascope blog.
Photos from the event are available on the Prestonpandemonium website.

Scotland’s newest celebrity chef will be following up her best selling cookbook from last year with a second volume for Christmas 2008. Maw Broon’s Cookbook was the surprise hit of the Scottish book charts in the run up to Christmas 2007 and DC Thomson and Waverley Books are looking to repeat that success again this year with Maw Broon’s But An’ Ben Cookbook due to be published in September 2008. For those readers of doonthatubes of a slightly too Sasenach persuasion, “But An’ Ben” is Scottish for a holiday cottage, a “hame fae hame”.
Maw Broon’s Cookbook and But An’Ben Cookbook are available from Amazon.

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