Alan Moore Interviewed for Inside Out

Alan Moore has been interviewed for BBC East’s The Inside Out show, to be broadcast on tonight (Friday 21 March). The interview can also be viewed on the Inside Out website.

Alan talks candidly about his work, revealing he was expelled from school for drug dealing and talks about his first ever comics work, Maxwell the Magic Cat, as an “antidote to Garfield.”

He’s also forthright about his views on seeing his work adapted for film, saying he believes most modern films are not only artistic failures but “probably detrimental to modern culture”.

His next two major projects are his second novel, Jerusalem, and the third and probably final book of the League of Extraordinary Gentleman.

Jerusalem is his Northampton novel and as he walks through his home town in the programme, he displays a vast knowledge of its history and its role in the history of Britain.

• Sky viewers outside the BBC East of England region will be able to watch Inside Out on the BBC1 East of England channel which will be in the 970 – 980 block of channels.

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