All-new Batman strip features in Britain’s “Hero Time” title, from Panini, next month

Hero Time Presents: Batman # 1 (Panini UK, 2022)

Do you remember when Panini used to create their own homegrown Spider-Man tales for a younger audience in their Spectacular Spider-Man title? Well, here’s big news for Batman fans in the UK… Batman is getting the same treatment!

Hero Time Presents: Batman will hit the shops on 14th September 2022. Aimed at 8–12-year-olds, this new magazine features a brand-new comic strip, illustrated by Russ Leach and scripted by Jason Quinn.

Hero Time Presents: Batman # 1 (Panini UK, 2022) - Strip sample - written by Jason Quinn, art by Russ Leach
Batman, written by Jason Quinn, art by Russ Leach

The magazine follows on from two issues of Hero Time Presents: Spidey and His Amazing Friends, Issue Two still on sale in newsagents, is packed with games, activities, quizzes and puzzles – and should a must for all Bat-Fans.

Releasing every two months, Hero Time Presents: Batman is the only current Batman comic aimed at younger readers and will be releasing across the UK, France, Italy and Germany this autumn.

(Hero Time: Spidey is continuing, but it will run on alternate months. The Marvel tie-in is aimed at the nursery group, whereas Hero Time: Batman is for older readers).

Keep an eye on the Magazines and Comics section of the Panini Comics UK web site for ordering information

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5 replies

  1. I wish them the very best, although calling it “Hero Time Presents” with a small logo top left but a large “Batman” logo prominent, is bound to bamboozle the WH Smith staff. (Mighty World of Marvel, DC Presents and other such dual named casualties spring to mind). Nevertheless this is great news.

    • Agree with the “Hero Time Presents” confusion, I’m guessing this is replacing the Spidey Title at an early stage. My 2 Year Old currently very into the Spidey cartoon and the mag too (I’m sure issue 2 of that is advertising an issue 3 though…)

      The Spidey title is very much pre-school though with ABC activities and no proper strip to speak of, this looks to be aimed at the older age group simlar to the (formerly Spectacular) Spider-Man mag which is still going isn’t it?

      I know in our local Tescos, the pre-school Spidey mag is being stocked with the older Amazing Spider-man reprints and SFX mag, rather than alongside CBeebies mag etc, so I can see this causing confusion – even though the news itself of the new Batman mag should be celebrated!

  2. Glad DC’s owners allow new material to be produced this way. A silly edict from Disney that no original comic stories could be created outside of Marvel US was what scuppered Spectacular Spider-Man. If Disney had taken the same stance with their other properties they would have missed out on some of the best duck and mouse comics.
    If I may correct you on one point: “Batman & Scooby Doo Mysteries” is still being published in the US so this isn’t the only current Batman comic aimed at younger readers.

    • Thanks for this. The “Batman & Scooby Doo Mysteries” has recently concluded a 12-issue run; at present it’s not in publication, other than in two fantastic collections, so I don’t think the wording of our story is at fault.

      Not that that means we wouldn’t want to see more of Scooby alongside the Caped Crusader if it happens. The positive response to the series might help on that front.

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