Andersonic #5 On Sale via ebay

A quick plug for Andersonic Issue 5, now available via ebay as well as by post, a fanzine dedicated to all things Gerry Anderson that is garnering much praise from fans of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet et al.

This issue comprises 40 A5 pages with colour covers and includes articles on the UFO comic strips, The Females of Century 21, The Investigator, Trapped in the Sky, The Man Who Came Back, Space:1999‘s connection with 2001: A Space Odyssey, Dorzak, a Captain Scarlet retrospective and even something on Star Maidens.

• Andersonic Issue 5 costs £2.10 incl UK postage from R.Farrell, 11 Stevenson Drive, Spital, Wirral, CH63 9AH or via paypal to; or buy it via ebay

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