Andy Fanton takes over The Beano

The Beano, on sale 3rd July 2013Comic creator Andy Fanton seems to be on a mission to take over the Beano this week, – he wrote this week’s Little Plum, Ball Boy and the issue features his first ever script for Beano legends The Bash Street Kids!

Portsmouth-based Andy, whose past credits include work for Cosgrove Hall and The Dandy, is also now working on adult humour title VIZ.

VIZ is another of those titles I’ve often dreamt about getting my work into,” Andy notes in a recent web post, “ever since I was a pimply adolescent reading the comic and laughing at all the swears and feeling peculiar in the trouser area when seeing the ads for phone sex lines in the back. Now, years later, I’ve finally done it! And I still feel peculiar in the trouser area.

“My VIZ debut [in Issue 226] is a series of three, three-panel gag-strips entitled ‘Internet Troll’, with the ingenious twist that the troll in question is an actual troll. See what I did there? Genius, I know. This was originally an idea pitched to another title, but when things went a bit quiet there I threw in some extra curse words and sent it off to Viz HQ, who picked it up.”

• Both The Beano and VIZ are on sale now in all good newsagents across the UK. And some truly evil ones.

Andy’s Web Presence

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  1. That reminds me – I must pop in and get a Beano for my boys on the way home…Not for me to read on the bus of course 🙂

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