Angry Robot UK Launch in October

It’s a brand-fusion to reinvent science fiction in the UK, a union that may yet shake London to the core. Forbidden Planet London will be hosting the official UK Launch of Angry Robot Books on Saturday 10th October at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2H 8JR, with 2000AD, Marvel and DC Comics writer Dan Abnett, Andy Remic and Colin Harvey on hand to sign for their many fans.

Angry Robot is a new imprint from HarperCollins which started back in June, offering a wickedly fresh take on the SF, F and WTF industry. Publishing the best in dark and edgy fiction from renowned authors and the hottest in up-and-coming new talent, the Robot is set to bring you teenage serial killers, zombie detectives, howling axes, sex-crazed vampires, murderous gods and steampunk swordfights. And that’s for starters.

Featured guests Dan Abnett (Triumff), Andy Remic (Kell’s Legend) and Colin Harvey (Winter Song) will be on hand to allay (or possibly enhance) fears, chat to fans, answer questions and sign copies of their Angry Robot titles. There will be free prints available of the Larry Rostant cover of Triumff as well as a chance to see the Kell’s Legend promotional video… up close and personal.

There will also be a wide range of Angry Robot’s other titles available.

• Angry Robot Books:

• The following film was written, directed, and stars our Andy Remic, and gives a good taste of the flavour of his book Kell’s Legend, which is launched in the UK and Australia next week. Music by th3 m1ss1ng.

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