Artist Spotlight: Peter Dobbin’s role in re-imagining the classic game, Cluedo, as a new critically-acclaimed mobile app

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Last year, we reported on top British Concept Artist Peter Dobbin‘s stunning Mythical Monster Map – a nifty way to keep track of those things that might be lurking under your bed.

Well, Peter’s currently working on another beautiful-looking project – a Cluedo App for both iOS and Android developed and published by a company called Marmalade Game Studio with a license from Hasbro – and it’s been well-received by the games’s many fans around the world.

“Last year, we made a contemporary version of Cluedo with all of the 2016 characters,” Peter tells us. “We’ve just released a classic version with a more art deco style mansion and the older characters which the majority of the (older) audience are very familiar with.

“Marmalade have also released an additional six characters (Rose, Grey, Azure, Peach, White and Brunette) which also appear in other versions of the game.

Cluedo - Rose

First launched in 1949 and relaunched and updated several times, Cluedo – known as Clue in North America – is the classic mystery game. A grand mansion… a dastardly murder… a gathering of suspicious characters. Make brilliant deductions and solve the crime first!

“I drew the 2D sections of Cluedo, designing all six of the iconic characters and drawing them in a series of different dynamic poses,” Peter says. “For Mrs Peacock I made her look dainty in her neutral pose and then threatening in her ‘murderous pose’ a she leers over her victim on the ground.

“Each of the six characters then had another 10 different facial anims, conveying such emotions as Intrigue, victorious and outrage.

Cluedo - Scarlett with Dagger

Cluedo - Mansion Exterior

“It was important that the design of mansion had a classical feel to it with some subtle more contemporary features,” Peter expands. “It was also fun to design the Mansion grounds with Topiary in the shape of rabbits and Elephants!”

Cluedo Ingame View 1 The new Cluedo app has had critical acclaim and a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on the iOS App store.

“It’s attracted a lot good reviews, many of which mentioned the attractive and polished artwork,” Peter tells us, clearly delighted by the response. “Players enjoyed the highly realistic looking mansion and well drawn characters.”

Buy the Cluedo app for iOS | Android

There’s more of Peter’s art for Cluedo here on his official web site

Buy the version of Cluedo featuring peter’s art on here – using this link helps support downthetubes

• The history of Cluedo is charted here on Wikipedia | There’s also a wonderful fan site here – – dedicated to the game and all its many variations

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