Beano-branded guitars and Brewers Fayre “Menacing Meals” on their way

Beano Musical Instruments

John Hornby Skewes Beano-inspired guitars. Image © DC Thomson

DC Thomson has announced to new Beano-related licensing deals in the past week, one for musical instruments and the other with restaurant chain Brewers Fayre, which will include the release of a limited edition Beano comic on Father’s Day.

The new Beano-branded instrument range from John Hornby Skewes will debut at the company’s  annual trade show laster this month. The first items that will go on sale will be Ukulele Outfits, a Beano Junior Guitar Outfit and a Beano Junior Drum Kit, which will be sold through independent music stores across the UK and the international market including the US, Australia and Hong Kong this summer.

JHS feature only two licensed musical instrument ranges and The Beano line is aimed at kids aged five and upwards the collection features popular characters for the iconic comic including Dennis the Menace, Gnasher and Minnie the Minx.

Music gags have long been a part of Beano’s make-up and, of course, rock gods featured in the comic in the past include Eric Clapton, The Kaiser Chiefs and One Direction.

“When I was a lad, rushing along to the newsagents to spend my shiny sixpence on the latest issue of The Beano, I couldn’t have imagined all these years later, I’d be involved with my favourite characters, Dennis, Minnie and Gnasher,” enthuses JHS managing director, Dennis Drumm (Yes, we thought his name was apt, too).

“We’re delighted to have the opportunity to work with DC Thomson and these wonderful, iconic British characters which for over half a century, have brought the tears of laughter to millions.”

DC Thomson has struck a licensing deal with Brewers Fayre. Image © DC Thomson

DC Thomson has struck a licensing deal with Brewers Fayre. Image © DC Thomson

After you’ve wowed your family with your Beano-branded guitar playing, you might be a little hungry. That’s when, before you start another no doubt well-received rehearsal, you urge your parents to take you to one of 150 Brewers Fayre restaurants which will feature a number of branded Beano activities, starting this month.

DC Thomson Consumer Products  say the activities are designed to encourage visitors to engage with the iconic comic and will include themed kids’ menus and activity packs on offer to all children dining at the restaurants.

Brewers Fayre will also run a dedicated Father’s Day weekend promotion, in which father’s dining at the restaurant on 15th June will be offered a free limited edition The Beano comic.

The partnership will also see a roster of additional seasonal activities, such as The Beano branded Christmas and children’s parties featuring Dennis the Menace, Gnasher and Minnie the Minx.

The restaurant will provide families with The Beano party organiser kits that include invites and thank you cards, kids’ meals, cakes, party bags and play facilities.

“This exciting partnership demonstrates our unwavering dedication to maintaining the relevance and cross generational appeal of The Beano to fans of all ages,” says Tim Collins, head of brands at DC Thomson. “Brewers Fayre shares the family values of The Beano and we cannot wait to see diners interact and share this special Beano experience this year.”

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