Bear Alley Is (The) One

It hardly needs a plug from me here since if you are interested in the history of British comics you have probably already read it but, for those few of you who may not yet have succumbed to its charms, Steve Holland’s Bear Alley blog is one year old. If you still aren’t sure just why it is called Bear Alley then take a step back one year and look at Steve’s very first post.

With its eclectic mix of articles, lists and comment on old comics, magazines, paperbacks and story books, it may not hit every one’s mark every time but, even if it is about something you have never heard of, it never fails to impress. From photos of Tharg’s futuristic spaceship to D C Thomson’s century old HQ, from covers of Hot Dames On Cold Slabs to covers of The Water Babies, from the artists you knew of but didn’t know about to the pseudonymous authors of text stories, there really must be something that will pique your curiosity.

Mind you since I guest on it from time to time I may not be the most objective person to talk about it, so why not head over and decide for yourself.

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