Bear-Shaped Comics Collection Launched!

Richy K. Chandler, the creative force behind UK indie title Tempo Lush comics, has been wanting to put out a collection of his Tempo Lush Mini Comic range since the first one featuring Lucy the Octopus was released to the world back in 2007. After being kept busy with various other comic and illustration work — including writing for Titan’s much-missed Wallace & Gromit comic, bear- shaped inspiration finally struck and a new collection of 10 A4 mini-comics was the result.

Published in both colour and black & white, the collection comes snuggled up inside a box in the shape of Square McBear, who also stars in the final comic in the set. Other entries include “Govinda the Meditating Rabbit” and “22 Responses to an Insult.”

The sets, which Richy put lots of love and effort into making, went on the sale for the first time at the London Underground Comics 176 event at the end of June and were flying off the shelves.

He tells us he was determined to make the sets as fun and tactile as possible, using different paper stocks and a broad range of drawing styles to create a breadth of experience jammed into one little package.

Also new to the Tempo Lush range is Bunch Issue 2, featuring a woman discovering that her toys are not as innocent as she thought, some literally eye popping office antics and more Lucy the Octopus.

Joining Richy is Fabtoons comic artist Francesca Cassavetti, creator of The Most Natural Thing in the World and Striptacular, plus in her comic book debut, animator, illustrator and graphic designer Maria Lee.

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