Big Finish Baker!!

It looks as though Tom Baker, the 4th and arguably most popular Doctor Who, may soon be working for Big Finish, the company who have produced audio adventures based on Doctor Who for the past decade.

According to the Big Finish website, the company has had ‘warm contact’ with Tom. Nothing is certain, but if new 4th Doctor stories are to be recorded, it looks as though companion actors Lis Sladen, Louise Jameson and Nicholas Courtney may also be involved.

When Big Finish began their Doctor Who stories, they initially signed up three Doctors – Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy. A major coup was achieved when Paul McGann came into the fold but Tom until now has eluded them.

Tom played the Doctor on television until 1981 and returned briefly for a 3D special in 1993 for BBC TV’s Children in Need. He has recently recorded some successful audio stories for the BBC but those adventures have been part full-cast drama, part audio book.

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