Cinebook launches ‘Lament of the Lost Moors’

Lament of the Lost MoorsCinebook, publishers of a huge number of French graphic albums in English, have announced the release of Lament of the Lost Moors: Siobahn, a wonderful story of magic, war and revenge penned by veteran Belgian comics writer Jean Dufaux, author of Crusade, and drawn by legendary Polish artist Grzegorz Rosinski, better known for his work on the long-running barbarian epic Thorgal.

The land of Eruin Dulea is ruled by a powerful and merciless sorcerer. A generation ago, he defeated his last challenger to the throne, Wulf, in a titanic battle. Wulf’s widow, Lady O’Mara, and his daughter Siobhàn can finally stop hiding, though. By marrying Lord Blackmore, Lady O’Mara places herself under his protection.

But Siobhan is a strong-willed young woman, more at ease with a sword than a spinning wheel, and Blackmore himself isn’t all he seems to be…

Lament of the Lost Moors – in French the series is titled La Complainte des Landes Perdues – began back in 1993. Published by Dargaud, there have been seven regular volumes of the tale to date. Dufaux has written every volume, while Grzegorz Rosinski drew the first six volumes, with

Award-winning Jean Dufaux has written over 200 published graphic albums including Murena and Barracuda for Dargaud, his work often exploring themes of power and madness, loneliness and the wounds of the past. He’s also president of the jury of for Belgium’s Diagonale Award. In 2009, his work was exhibited at in the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. He was appointed Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters in 2009.

Born in Poland during the Communist era, Grzegorz Rosinski discovered West European comics through the French magazine Vaillant, distributed in Eastern Europe by the French Communist Party. Although he’s drawn comics since the 1950s, it was after moving to Belgium that he got his first major breakthrough with Thorgal (also published by Cinebook), first written by Jean van Hamme and initially serialized in Tintin magazine in 1977.

It’s a  saga he continues to work on today, working with Belgian comics writer Yves Sente. He’s also supervisor of the spin-off series The World of Thorgal, which was launched back in 2010, also written by Sente.

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Here’s some sample pages from the French edition, published by Dargaud. Art and story © the creators

La Complainte des Landes Perdues - Sioban Sample Page La Complainte des Landes Perdues - Sioban Sample Page

La Complainte des Landes Perdues - Sioban Sample Page

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