Collectors Gazette features a look back at British comics in latest issue

Collectors Gazette - January 2018While a lot of us happily communicate online to talk about American or British comics, many older British fans – and those not particularly into technology – used to in the rely on printed magazines about British comics, many now archived over on Classic UK Comics Zines.

The Collectors Gazette, the work of Collectors Club of Great Britain, which deals primarily with old toys, something that many old comic fan’s collect especially if they relate to British comics such as Gerry Anderson toys, or TV shows, approached collector Peter Hansen to write a couple of articles about British comics, and the first issue is on sale now (January issue) with the second part in February.

The magazine is available in most WHSmith and on order through other newsagents.

“The intent is to appeal to those guys who are not computer savvy but either collect or have an interest in old British comics,” Peter tells us, “and they’re hoping they might add another few hundred additions to their current monthly sales of about 10,000 issues.

Peter’s articles offers an overview of British comics since the 1930s through to the 1970s (the first taking readers through to 1950), to jog people’s memories.

Collectors Gazette - January 2018 - Comic Article Snapshot“If it’s successful they will want to make it a regular feature, and I have suggested that they garner materials from the many knowledgeable collectors to provide the articles, which I think would be quarterly,” Peter reveals.

If some of you who either do actually collect British comics, or have an interest in British comics pick up a copy, or if you know an older collector who would be interested, this could help ensure a useful regular spotlight on titles such as Eagle, Victor, Girl, Rocket, Express Weekly, Valiant and more.

“While I’m happy to participate on web forums, I would also like to see stuff about British or American comics available to the general public,” says Peter, “as this may be a way to bring more people into the hobby who don’t even collect right now.

“So who knows – maybe the Collectors Gazette could be a way to have monthly articles about British then American comics produced by fans printed monthly in the magazine?”

The January issue also includes a report on the latest Sandown Fair, Europe’s top Toy Collectors Fair, a look at Spanish toy cars, the history of famous bears and J.K.Farnell, “Age of the Streamliner” (the influence of streamlining since its heyday, with the Intercity 125 High Speed Train), plus a comprehensive guide to upcoming fairs in your local area and an auction guide for collectors of diecast, tractors and model trains.

Details of Collectors Gazette are here on Diecast Collecting – digital edition available

Classic UK Comics Zines is an archive of British comic zines compiled by David Hathaway-Price, published online with the permission of the title’s editors

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