Comic ConQuest game, spoofing comics events, revealed

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Those of you who can’t afford to shell out for the flight and hotel to attend San Diego Comic Con (save your money for the Lakes International Comic Art Festival or Thought Bubble!) can soon enjoy all the fun of a being at a major US event without the press of 100,000 plus media fans to worry about. Sleepy Giant Entertainment has partnered with Free Lunch Design (creators of the Icy Tower franchise) on Comic ConQuest, a free-to-play tactical RPG adventure set in a giant comic and sci-fi convention in which costumed fans have been transformed into the characters they portray.

The homemade costumes and plastic weapons become real, and the show floor becomes a battleground as the attendees-turned-heroes use their newfound powers to fight their way to faction supremacy.

Comic ConQuest – which funnily enough, launches this week – will feature the talents of Emmy award-winning producer and renowned comic book artist Jeff Matsuda, whose career spans 18 years in TV, film, comics and videogames. He is best known for producing The Batman and Jackie Chan Adventures, and for his work on US comic titles such as X-Men, Batman, Wolverine, The Avengers, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

“I’ve always loved going to Comic Con and seeing Klingons walking around talking to Harry Potter and Batman,” says Jeff, who’s also Executive Producer on the game. “And I’d think, how awesome would it be if they had actual powers and fought to see who could rule the con? So when Sleepy Giant came to me with the idea for this game, I dove in headfirst.

“We’ve got a super nerdy dream team over here with backgrounds in art, comics and gaming, and we’re passionate about making Comic ConQuest a fun, die-hard nerd experience.”

This is an epic adventure in a world where the suit really does make the hero.  Players battle their way through the con, fighting for survival, hunting for swag, forming guilds, and striving for supremacy in the war-torn wasteland of the once (mostly) peaceful show floor.

Comic ConQuest is slated to launch across web, mobile and tablet platforms  later in 2013. Players who register by 31st August, 2013 will receive free exclusive early access (to the web version) along with a set of virtual steak knives.

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