Comica rounds off with British creator events

Comica in London is coming to a close – with 5 and 6th November evenings polishing off this year’s festival at the ICA in The Mall.

On Saturday, Nick Abadzis launches his Laika graphic novel about the world’s first living creature in space, a cosmonaut dog – and Abouet & Oubrerie from Paris talk about their African teen romance AYA. More info here

On Sunday, there’s a whole afternoon from 2.30 to 7.00pm on British comics, tying in with Comics Britannia – girls’ comics with guests Stella Duffy, Nina Myskow from Jackie and more; War Comics with experts Steve Holland and David Roach; and the IPC Revolution, Tammy to 2000AD with Pat Mills, Kevin O’Neill, Gerry Finley-Day and Ramon Sola.

Many of you will want to catch the Mart on Sunday, so you could go there first from noon and maybe come by later to iCA. You can also catch Comica Comiket, the small press fair which runs till 7.00pm, free to ICA members or for the price of day admission – £3 or £2 concessions. This gets you into the ICA bar, signings and fair but not the talks.

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