Coming Soon: Doctor Who – Terror from the Deep

Doctor Who - Terror From the Deep by John Freeman and Danny Cushion

I’m delighted to announce we’ll soon begin publication here of a new, not-for-profit Doctor Who strip on downthetubes – Doctor Who – Terror from the Deep, written by me, John Freeman, featuring art by Danny Cushion.

New episodes will appear weekly, on Saturdays at 5.16pm, featuring the Seventh Doctor and Ace in an exciting adventure with the Daleks. (Surely the only time fans should be watching new Who, right?)

As I’ve previously related here on downthetubes, this project began back in my time as editor of Doctor Who Magazine, a pitch project to the Daily Express for a newspaper strip – and Danny and I are maintaining that format.

Doctor Who - Terror From the Deep by John Freeman and Danny Cushion
Work in progress on Terror from the Deep, art by Danny Cushion
Doctor Who - Terror from the Deep - December 2021 Teaser - art by Danny Cushion
Art for the new Terror from the Deep strip by Danny Cushion

My thanks to a number of people who have helped see this project finally get under way, particularly Danny Cushion, who has had to put up with my crazy script and squiggly storyboards; Paul Hanley, for permission to use his TARDIS interior design (please do check out his brilliant non-Who comic project, Miss Medusa’s Monstrous Menagerie, on Kickstarter); artists Mike Collins and Lee Sullivan, who were there at the start, back when brainstorming the strip was one of the most enjoyable Doctor Who panels I’ve ever done at a convention, at Carousel in Cardiff in 1989 (and thank you to the convention team that invited me!).

Doctor Who - Terror from the Deep - Roughs
Gerry Dolan’s layouts for the first attempt to bring “Terror from the Deep” to life

Finally, a fond, heartfelt tip of the hat to the late Gerry Dolan, who drew two weeks worth of Terror from the Deep for me, published in Doctor Who Magazine. (Wherever you are now, I hope we’ve done you proud).

Let’s go, Ace!

Read the background to creating Terror from the Deep here

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A tribute to Gerry Dolan on downthetubes, who died in 2015

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