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In next week’s Panel Borders broadcast on ResonanceFM, “Fantasy and Horror Locations” offers a great mix of interviews with three comic creators, two UK based.

First, Alex Fitch talks to John Dudley and Scott Gray about their Kickstarted title Big Shoulders, which, as we previously reported, mixes music and magic, dragons and immortal storytellers in contemporary and historic Chicago.

John was inspired to write the series, now seeking crowdfunding support, after moving to Chicago, back in 2007. Scott Gray is best known for his lengthy run on the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip, largely as a writer, but even that eclectic series didn’t prepare him for Big Shoulders

Interiors from Big Shoulders by John Dudley and Scott Gray / Interior art and cover of Shelter: Early Doors by Lucy Sullivan plus photos of Dudley, Gray and Sullivan
Interiors from Big Shoulders by John Dudley and Scott Gray, and Interior art and cover of Shelter: Early Doors by Lucy Sullivan

Plus, Lucy Sullivan discusses her folk horror comics including Black Hammer: Madame Dragonfly and Shelter: Early Doors, with a look at the latter’s London based location inspired by her childhood growing up in a pub!

Early Doors by Lucy Sullivan

Early Doors is an award-winning folk-horror story, available direct from Lucy, set in London in the late 1960s/Early 70s. A world where the supernatural rubs shoulders with the mundane. Where whisper networks and the old ways control local governance and only that will see you through…

• Panel Borders – Fantasy and Horror Locations airs at 5.30pm, Wednesday 3rd July 2024, repeat broadcast 11.00am, Sunday 7th July 2024, Resonance 104.4 FM + DAB (London) / extended podcast after broadcast at

Big Shoulders #1 - Variant Cover by Charlie Adlard

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Big Shoulders

• Big Shoulders is now running on Kickstarter and the campaign page can be found here

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Lucy Sullivan is online at

Early Doors is available direct from Lucy here

Lucy details the creation of Black Hammer – Madame Butterfly here on Substack

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