Commando dishes up Vampire Jets and Vengeful Australians

leftBar_Cover_4267.jpgHere’s the first salvo of DC Thomson’s Commando title for February 2010, folks!

Commando No 4267: Desert Vengeance

Story: Mike Knowles inside artwork and cover: Carlos Pino

A British mobile canteen. You’d expect it to supply troops with sugar, chocolate, sandwiches or, being British, gallons of tea. You wouldn’t expect it to be the chosen transport of a pair of Aussies bent on vengeance for the murder of their mates.

But strange things happen in war, and the story of this mobile canteen is one of the strangest.

leftBar_Cover_4268.jpgCommando No 4268: Nightmare In The Forest

Story: Ferg Handley Inside artwork: Olivera Cover: Nicholas Forder

The Eastern Front, 1944. After a skirmish with some Russians, Sergeant Kurt Sturm’s squad had taken the enemy survivors prisoner, leading them away through an apparently deserted forest.

However, German and Russian alike soon discovered that an even more dangerous enemy lurked among the trees… They would have to set aside their differences and work together to survive…

leftBar_Cover_4269.jpgCommando No 4269: Vampire Hunt

Story: Ian Clark Inside artwork: Denis McLoughlin
Originally No 2552 from 1992

Trapped in an enemy stronghold, SAS corporal Mike King cursed at the RAF Vampire jets flashing overhead. To him there were bloodsuckers in more ways than one — he blamed them for the death of three of his mates.

And now, as their rockets crashed around him, it looked like the Vampires were about to add Mike to their tally!

leftBar_Cover_4270.jpgCommando No 4270: Too Late for Glory?

Story: Ian Clark Inside artwork José Maria Jorge Cover: Ian Kennedy

The war was over but Jimmy Fisher’s Thunderbolt pilots were still dying in battle… All because of a few Japanese pilots who fought on in a fanatical hunt for glory. Jimmy could be a fanatic too, though — as these Japs were about to find out!

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