Commando Webbing: 14 January 2009

Putting the lie to the idea that Commando only covers World War II and only has one-off stories issue 4163, currently on sale, tells of Jimmy Ramsey resurrecting his Special Raiding Force to go into battle in Korea in Raiders Recalled.

Ferg Handley returns the Raiders to combat behind an Ian Kennedy cover and with Keith Page on internal art duties. This is the 14th Ramsey’s Raiders story in Commando, all written by Ferg Handley who will be appearing at the Hi-Ex comics convention next month in Inverness when another Raiders story will be in the shops, issue 4171 Raiders On The Rampage.

The full list of Ramsey’s Raiders stories in Commando are:
3854 – Ramsey’s Raiders
3861 – The Raiders Return
3854 – Ramsey’s Island Raiders
3874 – Raiders’ Revenge
3877 – Raiders From The Sky
3885 – D-Day Raiders
3898 – Raiders On The Rampage
3902 – Renegade Raiders
3906 – Raiders To The Rescue!
3949 – Raiders In The Reich
3960 – Ramsey’s Rebel Army
3963 – Raiders’ Round-Up!
3970 – The Final Raid
4163 – Raiders Recalled

Also on the Commando front, literally, the latest batch of front covers are available to view on the Commandomag website. This time issue 25 to 48 have been added to the Commando Cover Gallery – well almost 25 to 48. The Commando office are missing the front covers to issues 25, 33 and 45 and are requesting help from any of their troops who may have the issues and could scan the covers to get in touch via the website’s e-mail link. In the meantime they have put title pages of the three issues into the Gallery to act as place markers.

The Commandomag website is here.

Ferg Handley is interviewed about his Commando stories here.

The details of the Ramsey’s Raiders issues begin here.

The Commando Cover Galleries begin here.

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