Commando Webbing

The backroom boffins on the Commando Mag website have been adding to the site and trying a few new tactics to entice readers to enter on a regular basis.

The ongoing series of Commando cover wallpapers chosen by editor Calum Laird and taken from the original artwork have now reached Batch 14 which includes this RAF tail gunner defending his Lancaster from Luftwaffe Junkers Ju-88 night fighters. This artwork by Ian Kennedy is typically dynamic and accurate and also shows how the rightmost two thirds of the image becomes the front cover while the left third is wrapped around onto the rear cover.

Less accurate but just as dynamic are the printed covers from the original 24 issues of the title from 1961 and 1962. This is a new idea on the site with the covers appearing as pop-ups complete with their original back cover blurb – blurb that might be a little strong for more modern sensibilities when describing the enemy combatants. Most of these covers are the work of Ken Barr and the cover artist, interior artist and writer for each of the 24 issues are also listed. Hopefully this feature will be popular enough on the site to continue.

Finally, the third on-line Commando has begun. Buccaneer Bob, R.N. is a naval story originally published as issue 618 in January 1972 and reprinted as issue 1740 in October 1983. It was scripted by R.A. ‘Monty’ Montague with both the cover and interior artwork by Gordon Livingstone. Rather than a slide show of single images as per the previous two on-line stories, this Commando has not been reformatted and is presented as a series of original pages including the wraparound cover and so reads much more like the published version.

The official Commandomag website can be found here.

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