Crowdfunding Spotlight: ComicScene – The History of Comics 1930 – 2030

The team behind ComicScene, led by publisher Tony Foster, are into the home stretch with their crowdfunder to raise funds to support the first four books of the what they are planning as a definitive History of Comics.  

ComicScene - The History of Comics 1930 - 2030 Montage

ComicScene – The History of Comics will capture 100 years from 1930 to 2030 – comic history not even written yet – and the plan is that each book will focus on one year in particular, with references to comic history all the way back to the 16th century.  

Each book will feature the cultural backdrop of the year covered and feature articles written by specialist comic journalists, academics, comic fans, comic creators and include unique perspectives on comic history and the art produced.  

Four books will be sent three times a year for people to “Binge Read”, with a Pledge Option that offers a unique slipcase to keep them in, again only available on Kickstarter and to subscribers.

Everyone purchasing the books will also become part of a wider Comic Club, which brings with it a numbered membership card with more comic benefits to you beyond the books themselves.

  • ComicScene - The History of Comics 1977
  • ComicScene - The History of Comics 1984
  • ComicScene - The History of Comics Design Sample
  • ComicScene - The History of Comics Design Sample

The covers for the first four issues are by Flops Comics, page designs by the Burgh Design Agency

This version of the book is likely to only be available through its Kickstarter and by subscription only, although it’s stated that the initial four 64-page book in the series has a retail price of £9.99 ($14.99 US). The move away from the news stand, where ComicScene was previously sold, is a reflection of the current market; but the crowdfunder has attracted more than enough funding to go ahead, raising £7,941, in excess of a £5,280 goal.

“We are limiting the first print run of the History of Comics to 3000 copies per issue worldwide and up to 2000 slipcases,” Tony Foster notes. “Everyone signing up to four issues or more via the Kickstarter get a ComicScene Comic Club Membership card and exclusive web access to additional material and special offers. You also get a stretch goal extra.”

Given the material planned for the comic, including commissioned work and the cost of licensing imagery for a book-a-zine style project, as opposed to a magazine promoting publisher’s new projects, I was concerned that the budget for the four issues was quite low, also taking into account print costs. But Tony has informed me there will be additional funding from other sources as well as Kickstarter backers, so hopefully all bases are covered.

Creating a “Part Work” is also quite a challenge, but Tony also seems more than ready for the work ahead.

The crowdfunder has 14 days to run and you can find out more or back it here on Kickstarter

• ComicScene is online at

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