Crowdfunding Spotlight: Terror Trumps – Wave Two

It seems there’s no stopping the team behind Terror Trumps, a retro horror trump card game, because they’re back with “Wave Two” of their crowdfunded card game!

Inspired by the old Horror Trumps of the 1970s created by Dubreq, Terror Trumps is a game anyone can pick up and play in an instant. No complicated rules, no small parts to lose, just a deck of character cards and a lot of fun.

The first release of this fun new game gained its funding back in June.

Wave Two, on course for success, and features two new stand-alone packs of Terror Trumps, featuring 64 new characters to chill your blood, plus all-new modifier cards – and a super set of collectable card stretch goals.

Titled Dracula Resurrected and Alien Fiend, each pack can be played alone or combined. They also combine with the previous sets we released for a massive winner-take-all Terror-fest!

The team behind the game comprise award-winning comics writer Rik Hoskin and comic artists Tim Brown and Chatri Ahpornsiri. All three love the original Top Trump, so why not, they thought, come up with a new incarnation?

“These are all new cards,” says Tim, “which can be played either on their own or with the Wave One sets we produced through our previous Kickstarter campaign.

“They’re new, they’re awesome, and they’re terrifying. So make sure you’re playing with a full deck!”

Wait – what do you mean, you missed Wave One last time? Well, luckily for you, you can still grab a set through this Kickstarter’s reward tiers!

The first set was fun itself, but now it’s going to bring double the enjoyment…

Check out Terror Trumps Wave Two here on Kickstarter

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