Crowdfunding Spotlight: The Penned Guin Presents – To Coldly Go

Back in January we spotlighted The Penned Guin Treasury Edition, a thick A4 collected edition of some 500 of writer/artist Alan Henderson’s humorous penguin strips which was crowdfunded on Kickstarter to over 250% of its target. The completed book was delivered promptly to its patrons and Alan has gone on to sell it at various comics events in Scotland and the north of England since then.

Alan now has a new Penned Guin collection, To Coldly Go, featuring previously unpublished strips currently running on Kickstarter. As with all his non-reprint titles this is an A5 landscape format square bound softcover which features over 170 black and white cartoons with, as the title would suggest, a themed section that features the penguins’ adventures in space, as well as others where they visit the vet and hold an election.

Whilst the Kickstarter has only just started, the Penned Guin books have so much of a following that the target for this sixth book in the collection has already been passed, which means under Kickstarter’s rules that it will receiver its funding, the first stretch goal releasing two prints from the book to all physical tiers has also been passed and the total pledged is currently sitting just shy of its second stretch goal that would release a PDF copy of the previous book, We Waddlers, to every backer. A further stretch would release two pin badges to all physical tiers.

The Penned Guins – To Coldly Go Kickstarter runs until Sunday 13 August 2017 with delivery scheduled for September 2017.

There are more details of To Coldly Go on the title’s Kickstarter Page.

There are more details of all the Penned Guins titles on the series website.

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