Crowdfunding Spotlight: WesterNoir – Volume 2

Comic creator Dave West just launched a Kickstarter for the western comic collection, WesterNoir – Volume 2.

Written by Dave West, with art by a Gary Crutchley, coloured by Matt Soffe, this new collection features all the strips, from out-of-print issues 5 to 8 of WesterNoir.

WesterNoir Volume 2 - TimeBomb Comics Cover

The story centres on Josiah Black, a man who’s been many things in his life: farmhand, cowpoke, sheriff, rebel outlaw, killer, drifter – and now a monster hunter.

Under the direction of Mr. Caligary, Black finds some contentment, hunting hell-spawn critters that roam the land masquerading as ordinary folk, monsters who are preying on the innocent.

That is, until Caligary’s motives are brought into question by Greta Anderson, the woman who introduced Black to the hidden world of monsters…

WesterNoir Volume 2 - Sample Art
WesterNoir Volume 2 - Sample Art

Volume 2, its release delayed due to the pandemic, follows Black as he tries to find the depths of Caligary’s manipulation and what that means for him and the monster hunter he has become.

“It’s been a loooong time coming due to stuff and life,” Gary Crutchley noted earlier this week. “…Hope y’all are lookin’ forward to this as much as Dave and I are.”

“This 176-page collection pulls together the now out-of-print issues 5 to 8 of WesterNoir,” says Dave. “As with Volume 1 we’ve added extra pages here and there to enhance the story.

WesterNoir Volume 2 - Sample Art

“All pages have also been coloured with the moody palette of Matt Soffe, bringing an extra level to the tale.

The book is finished; art, colours, lettering, and design are done and dusted.

“We are ready and eager to send this monster to the printers,” Dave enthuses.

WesterNoir Volume 2 - Sample Art

“Creating this book has been an absolute labour of love, and we can’t wait to get it into your hands.

“From its early inception through to brainstorming the scripts, (in the local saloon of course) the story has been on quite a journey,” he continues.

“Our regular talented designer, Andy Bloor, has helped us produce a book that looks as professional as any on the shelves of your local comic store.”

If you missed the brilliant WesterNoir – Volume 1, there are options to pledge and get this as a digital edition.

Check out the Kickstarter for WesterNoir – Volume 2 right here

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