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Dalek CutawayHere’s another piece of comics art I’m offering via e-bay: a superb Dalek cutaway by Lee Sullivan, commissioned by me while editor of Doctor Who Magazine as a page for Marvel’s Doctor Who Year Book 1993, this cutaway of an Imperial Dalek by Lee Sullivan (whose signature appears on the art) was based on visual reference supplied by BBC Effects designer Mike Tucker. The design is based on the “teleport” scene in the TV story Remembrance of the Daleks when the interior of a Dalek is briefly visible in all its grisly gory.

The artwork is standard Marvel size, black and white on board with a paper protector still attached and is, in my opinion, a fantastic piece of work I’m sure will appeal to any Dalek fan.

I’ve included a picture of the art as it finally appeared in the Year Book below. The colour was added at production stage, the artwork offered is not in colour.

Dalek CutawayWho fans will recall Marvel published several Year Books, which Gary Russell, who followed me as editor, took more in the direction of a fond tribute to the Annuals published by World Distributors. This YearBook features a terrific Dalek strip by Paul Cornell and drawn by Lee Sullivan and I also have some art from that I’ll be offering soon.

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  1. INTERESTING.Wonder if they ever published a Doctor Who technical matual.They seem to have everything else out there.

  2. Lee did a few cutaways for me while I was editor of Doctor Who Magazine – BESSIE was one of them — but there isn’t a huge amount of “cutaway material” like, say Star Wars or Star Trek. Most of it would have to be conjecture.
    There was talk of a Doctor Who part work at one time but that seems to be what “Battles in Time” is and I don’t see that often enough to be able to tell you if there are cutaways in that. If there are I expect it would be for the new series (Eccleston, Tennant) only.