David Pugh’s Slaine, Dan Dare art (and more) on sale for charity

(Updated) Following up on our recent post about a mystery Dan Dare page, which gave us chance to touch base with ace comics artist David Pugh, we can now report that he has begun auctioning off some of his old artwork to benefit migrant workers and refugees in India and Africa.

A page from the Dan Dare story “Green for Danger” from new Eagle, published in 1990. Art by David Pugh
A page from the Dan Dare story “Green for Danger” from new Eagle, published in 1990. Art by David Pugh

Bus Fare is a charity set up by David to help refugees and migrant workers visit their families, who have been separated by either political or economic necessity. It can also provide some pocket money to compensate for loss of wages, while they are travelling.

“The Tibetan people were the inspiration for setting up this trust, many of whom I count as good friends,” says David.

Included in the art work sale are pages of Dan Dare, drawn for the New Eagle; and pages from the 2000AD story Slaine: Time Killer, including the first Slaine page David ever drew.

A page from “ Slaine: Time Killer”, art by David Pugh

Although the site only features five pieces of artwork, there are links to many more pages on offer, which have been posted in a number of albums on Facebook as part of David’s fan page.

The Slaine pages are selling for between £100 – £200. Many pages of full colour Dan Dare art from 1989-1994, including the Mekon’s last appearance in the comic, are available from £65-£300.

David tells us two of the Dan Dare pages from the last story have been sold already, one for £250 one at £300, along with three Slaine Time killer pages. “Bus Fare is becoming a full time job but I’m very glad I have the time to work on it.”

• If you are interested in any other pages not featured on the Web Store but which feature on Facebook, contact David direct via busfareATmail.com.

David Pugh Art for sale – Bus Fare web store

Dan Dare Art on Facebook

Dan Dare Art – 1989 – 1990
Dan Dare: Destination X
Dan Dare: Dog Star 
Dan Dare: Murder Machine (1991)

Dan Dare’s last ever New Eagle story

Eagle Comic Art

Joe Alien (1989)

M.A.S.K. Art on Facebook

M.A.S.K. – Colossus (1988)
M.A.S.K. – Funnsville and Double Cross (1988)

M.A.S.K. – Mayhem’s Mansion (1988)
M.A.S.K. – Millionaire Mayhem (1988)
M.A.S.K. – Project Imposter (1988)
MA.S.K. – Kamikaze
M.A.S.K. Maelstrom Mayhem

Slaine Art

Slaine Art (Facebook album)

Teknophage Art

Teknophage Issue 2: A Show of Force (July 1996)
Teknophage Issue 3: The Jaws Of The Trap August 1996
Teknophage Issue 4: Death Arena! September 1996
Teknophage Issue 5: The Dragon’s Teeth October 1996
Teknophage Issue 6: Sacrifice! November 1996

Wildcat Comic Art

Loner (1989)
Loner (Widcat Winter Special)

• Check out the Bus Fare site and find out more about the charity at http://busfare. webs.com

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