Doctor Who DVD Files Magazine "Market Tested"

Last month, we reported on a new Doctor Who magazine in development from part works publishers GE Fabbri, publishers of the Doctor Who magazine Battles in Time and magazine-video titles such as Ronnie Barker, Charmed and Stargate SG-1.

Although GE Fabbri confirmed the Doctor Who DVD Files part work was in development at the time of our first report, they told downthetubes the project was at a very early stage but that “early development” has now reached a limited “market test” in the Tyne Tees TV region of the UK.

The tests usually run for some eight issues before a later nationwide launch, beginning again (obviously) at number one.

Copies of the test are on sale in outlets such as WH Smiths in Scarborough and the title, which we’re told will start with a focus on the new series that began with Christopher Eccleston but may later feature older stories from the original Doctor Who, is clearly aimed at younger readers, as was Battles in Time, which recently completed its initial run.

Based on the test issues it appears the first run of the Magazine will cover all four seasons of the show to date and the Christmas specials.

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