Doctor Who Silly Season Continues

(with thanks to Matthew Badham): The Wiltshire Times recently reported a Trowbridge Christian has renounced the ‘evil’ of Doctor Who in favour of his religion is selling his collection on internet auction website eBay.

The paper reports that having discovered Christianity after a life of Doctor Who collecting, Mr Smith, who had to retire early from his job as a nurse at the Royal United Hospital in Bath in 1998 because he was suffering from bipolar disorder, has renounced his old life and is putting the whole collection up for sale in local trade magazines and on eBay.

“God delivered me from the evil that is Doctor Who, materialism and alcoholism,” he told the paper.

“Through my relationship with Jesus I saw that none of this was making me happy and I was born again like Lazarus.”

There’s no information on what Mr Smith planned to do with the £7000 he expected to make from his collection, which includes a life-size TARDIS.

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