Does Sarah Love Daniel?

The Sarah Jane Adventures, CBBC’s delightfully fun take on the ‘new’ Doctor Who universe, is getting a bit of a reputation for referencing ‘old’ Doctor Who in each story. In the first part of the story Whatever Happened To Sarah Jane? our journalist heroine is seen taking a copy of her own book, entitled UNIT: Fighting For Humankind, off a book shelf.

It is a real “blink and you’ll miss it” moment but if you don’t get distracted by the foreground book you will see that on her bookcase there is a copy of the ninth Dan Dare book, Terra Nova Trilogy, published by Hawk Books back in 1994. I wonder who the Dan Dare fan is on The Sarah Jane Adventures team?

Down The Tubes would like to apologise that there is no link to Amazon for you to purchase UNIT: Fighting For Humankind by Sarah Jane Smith, however considering the amount of Who related merchandise in the shops at the moment surely it will only be a matter of time before you will be able to buy it.

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  1. I was multitasking when that bit came on, so I DID miss it — I wondered why my boys, Jet and Hunter shouted out “UNIT!”

  2. While you can’t find Sarah Jane’s book, you might be able to track down a copy of the Doctor WHO Magazine UNIT special I edited back in the days of Marvel UK!

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