downthetubes “Ning” Forum No More

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As a follower of, you may also know one of the services it included was a comics forum site hosted by Ning. You may even be one of the almost 500 people who was a member.

I use the past tense because after careful consideration, taking into account much discussion of news items posted on DTT actually occurs on Facebook and Twitter, or indeed as comments on posts themselves, I have decided to close the Forum.

The plan had been to let it run until the end of November 2o14 but the ‘cycle’ of renewing the service has meant it shut down this weekend. My apologies to members for the summary execution ahead of the planned closure!

The shutdown of this Forum does not affect the ongoing operation of downthetubes and, in fact, thanks to the enthusiastic contributions of Antony Esmond, Jeremy Briggs and others we’ve actually expanded our recent coverage of British Comics! My thanks to them.

The site has always been one that has evolve since it began in 1999 and we will continue to do so.

• downthetubes does not have a Facebook presence as such but I am a member of “Facebook Comic Con” and downthetubes posts are automatically posted to the Sequentially British page there. You can also follow downthetubes on Twitter @johnfreeman_dtb

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