downthetubes: Our Top All-Time Posts, June 2014

The Beano gets a Top Gear makeover courtesy of guest star and editor TV presenter Richard Hammond this week. Image © DC Thomson

The Beano got a Top Gear makeover courtesy of guest star and editor TV presenter Richard Hammond, and our news story gained a staggering number of hits. Image © DC Thomson

One of the great things about moving downthetubes to a “Content Managed System” last year is that we have a much better idea of what posts are the most popular… not that it’s changed what we post on the site!

Just for for fun, here are the Top Five all-time favourite posts on downthetubes…

Beano gets a Top Gear makeover thanks to guest editor Richard Hammond
Easily the most popular story we’ve ever posted, although most of its traffic was on or around the day of publication

ITV Studios offers sneek peek of new Thunderbird 1
There’s still a huge amount of secrecy surrounding the look of the new Thunderbirds that will feature in the Thunderbirds Are Go revival next year, but this 2013 post – featuring the full page advertisement from ITV Studios for a MIPCOM guide, which included a tantalising image of a design for part of the new Thunderbird 1 – continues to draw traffic (as does anything Thunderbirds-related, actually…)

Nemesis the Warlock film images uncovered
I’m delighted the ‘Nemesis’ film post, courtesy of ace artist Tony Luke, is the first of two 2000AD entry in our Top Five. Tony is currentky busy working on a new project with Alan Grant, as we reported here

ITV Studios hints at new Thunderbirds merchandise as 50th anniversary approaches
See, we told you Thunderbirds is popular. So where’s the new comic? Why is no-one announcing it’s grabbed the rights? Fingers crossed for TV Century 21-styled take on any new publication…

Judge Dredd: Underbelly sells out in 48 hours, reprint on the way
The second 2000AD-related post, and proof that good news is just as good as fatuous gossip (which we avoid, sorry if that disappoints!)

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