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Nemesis the Warlock film images uncovered




Brighton-based 2000AD comic creator  Tony Luke – creator of a slew of amazing strips for a huge range of companies – has been digging into his archives and has started turning up some interesting stuff… including these images of a 12-minute stop-motion pilot for  “Nemesis the Warlock” made in 1987.

Tony reveals the show, based on the characters created by Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill for 2000AD,  almost went to series. What an intriguing “Might have Been” for the day!

The models featured – Nemesis, R0-Jaws, Torquemada, Satanus and the Blitzspear – have long gone, Tony, who made stop motion films from a young age, tells us.

“They’re all long-disintegrated, I’m afraid… We couldn’t secure the finance for a full series so everything was left to rot.”

Shame! But, if anyone wants to offer Tony the money to pay for a transfer of the film then drop us a line and we’ll pass on a message!

Update, 25th August 2015: Here’s Tony Robinson (Baldrick from Black Adder) in a clip that includes an extract of the stop-motion Nemesis The Warlock 16mm short, broadcast in 1988. Tony has now found the full 16mm film and is very keen for it to get transferred to a format that would make this available to a modern audience.

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  1. 16mm or 35mm film? Negative stock or final print with a magnetic or optical soundtrack or just a spliced rough print with separate magstock soundtrack? Whatever, it wouldn’t be that expensive to make an HD telecine here in the UK.

  2. I’d be surprised if this couldn’t be crowd funded pretty easily…those still shots look great.

  3. If this isn’t what Kickstarter was made for, I don’t know what is!!

  4. You know that you want to and you know that we all want you to no matter how far gone! Shame it never made it to series production!

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