Draw A Really Alien Doctor Who Art and Comic Competition!

With rumours flying over the weekend about the possibility of a new lead for Doctor Who in the offing – rumours spreading out from an item from the Daily Mirror the BBC would not be drawn on – I thought I’d launch 2021 on downthetubes with a new art challenge!

Many years ago, I overheard an entertaining and intriguing discussion during the second Doctor Who Appreciation Society Panopticon, where it was argued, convincingly I felt, that there was no reason the Doctor could not regenerate into another species or alien.

Former DWAS committee member Jan Vincent-Rudzki recalls this sprang from Donald Tosh, who had said that during his time as script editor in the 1960s he believed the Doctor had taken on Human form as he was dealing with Humans.

“Of course,” Jan notes, “the arrival of the Time Lords rather put pay to that idea – unless, of course, what we have seen are not the real Time Lords!”

Of course, budgetary considerations and filming practicalities back in the 1960s would have made a Macra Doctor, for example, a bit difficult… but the idea of a truly alien Doctor has suggested the theme of first Doctor Who Comics and Art: A Voyage Challenge for 2021, which is is being run here on the Doctor Who Comics and Art Facebook Group. (If you;’re not on Facebook, see below for how you can still enter).

So, thinking caps on, folks! Let’s see your take on how a future Doctor might look as an alien/ non humanoid species. Your entry can be a single illustration or comic strip.

And yes… I know the Doctor is an alien! That doesn’t mean sending us or posting a picture of the Doctor in full Gallifreyan regalia. I’m looking for non-human aliens, or animals – the wilder, the more unexpected, the better!

Post your entries to the group by 12 noon UK time on 21st January 2021. My favourite entry combined with judging based on most likes will win a random prize from my archive of Doctor Who bits and bobs!

Good luck!

The art used to illustrate this item is by Jenny Parks, an American comics artist, fan artist and scientific illustrator, who describes herself as a “shameless nerd and cat lover”. She’s perhaps best known for her fan art pieces “Doctor Mew“, portraying various Doctors from Doctor Who as cats), but has also created The Catvengers for Marvel (the Avengers also as cats) and her books Star Trek Cats and Star Trek: The Next Generation Cats.

Take part in the Doctor Who Comics and Art “Truly Alien Doctor” Competition here on Facebook

Please note, this is a non-public Facebook group, but we’re fairly quick on approving membership.

NOT ON FACEBOOK? NO PROBLEM! If you’d like to take part in this competition but don’t want to join Facebook to do it, simply email your entries to our contact address – downthetubesATcruciblecomicpress.com. (Replace the AT with @ when composing your mail)

Check out Jenny Parks fantastic work at www.jennyparks.com | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr

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