Dreaming Up The DFC: An Interview with Publisher David Fickling

DFC #1Earlier this year, David Fickling Books and Random House launched The DFC, a new weekly comic in the UK, the first of its kind in terms of the levels of originated, new characters for many years.

Packed to the gunnels with a selection of some of the best of British talent including artists such as Kate Brown, David Shelton, James Turner, Garen Ewing, the Etherington Brothers and Neill Cameron (to name but a few), aided in its advance publicity by the inclusion of self-confessed comics fan and top author Phillip Pullman, the currently subscription-only comic is beginning to find its feet and publisher David Fickling has high hopes for both the comic, which include bringing it into newsagents and specialist comic shops, further development of the comic’s web site and much more.

DFC Issue 15After soliciting questions from downthetubes readers about the comic and David’s plans for it prior to launch, a number of circumstances conspired to prevent the interview below taking place, not least of them being David Fickling’s hectic schedule and the demands a weekly title imposes on even the most dedicated of editorial teams. But now he’s been able to sit down and chat about the comic, his love of comics and plans for so much more than just one new comic…

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